Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

Firefox Mozilla Releases Quantum Browser To Compete With Chrome

Firefox Releases Qunatum browser

In an effort to win back Google Chrome browser users, Firefox released its new Mozilla browser, Quantum, Nov. 14 after two months of beta testing and modification.

The browser is faster than its Firefox predecessor, according to TechCrunch, and claims to use up to 30 percent less memory than competitors.

Mark Mayo, Vice President at Firefox, said the company tested the display on various types of hardware in order to accommodate “any kind of device you’re using,” according to TechCrunch, adding that the design will allow the browser to more easily accommodate to new specs and devices released in the future.

Google Chrome, Firefox’s top competitor, currently holds nearly 60 percent of the market of internet users, while Safari takes more than 12 percent of the market and Firefox holds less than 10 percent, according to StatCounter statistics.

The Google browser overtook Firefox after it released a browser compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers in 2010, according to Wired.

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Firefox Mozilla Releases Quantum Browser To Compete With Chrome